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America’s Got Talent | AGT. Britain’s Got Talent| BGT. China’s got Talent | CGT. And LGT? Leadership’s Got Talent!


-- The Talented Singer Alvin, 2019.9.11

— The Talented Singer Alvin, 2019.9.11


We have talented heroes on or off the stage, sung and unsung. We have talented singers like Alvin, who no matter what wouldn’t be bribed to sing for other clubs but only Leadership, and who deserves a proper credit for my speech title LGT.


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— The Talented Sharing Masters, 2019.9.11

We have talented Sharing Masters who are not only talented in mastering a speech but also talented in managing a successful life. And when the masters stand in the same line receiving awards, look, what happens? They are as happy as children on Children’s Day.


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-- The Talented Speakers & Gossipers, 2019.8.24

— The Talented Speakers & Gossipers, 2019.8.24


We have talented speakers and gossipers. During the meeting, we have rules and are hatefully tied to the Four Taboos. After the meeting, we run wild free and gossip whatever we like. We even gossiped about a naked pizza. Of course, the one who mentioned it in the first place, would be forever respectfully remembered as the most talented gossiper and leader.


-- The Talented Gang Family, 2019.8.24

— The Talented Gang Family, 2019.8.24

We have talented leaders, members and guests, who are like a big family in this room and a gang of youths outdoors. Special warning! The talented gang members don’t attack the weak. But they do attack the media with a flag, especially their gang leader. When he played an ancient prostitute, he attacked the audiences with his talented seduction and killed them all with their own laughter.


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-- The Talented Players & Makers, 2019.8.25

— The Talented Players & Makers, 2019.8.25

We have talented players and makers, who are serious about making a pottery teacup and play hard in kayaking as well as getting wet. Oh, no, not just physically wet, but mentally they drown themselves in the laughing tears.


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-- The Talented Problem Solvers, 2019.8.24

— The Talented Problem Solvers, 2019.8.24



We have talented problem solvers. When we are lost, we take photos. When we are bored, we take selfies. When we behave like the anti-social club devils, we pose like one. And when we are grounded in a sailing boat by a tree trunk, we entertain ourselves by taking photos of us in turns. We never have a problem to smile. We are so talented in throwing ourselves in the camera frame that our two excellent outing guides Susan & Eric couldn’t but give us all the best shot.


-- The Talented Life Enthusiasts I, 2019.8.24

— The Talented Life Enthusiasts I, 2019.8.24

We have talented life enthusiasts, such as the colorfully and tastefully fantastic beer provider Sky, who is a selfless man keeping showing up in our club yet working and living in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. 


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-- The Talented Life Enthusiasts II, 2019.8.24

— The Talented Life Enthusiasts II, 2019.8.24


We have talented learners, doers and foodies. We have talented jumpers. We have talented KTV singers. We have talented practitioners who love doing the splits. We have talented improvisers like Dongmei expressing her love to Eric during the Dare Game hosted by Susan. We have talented coaches including Sky, who taught me how to kayak. We have talented hoppers who were lucky enough to carry the wettest lady of the day.


We have talented fish catchers, arrow shooters, pole climbers, pole dancers, hidden laughers and cheeky babes.


-- The Talented Dancer Eva, 2019.8.24

— The Talented Dancer Eva, 2019.8.24

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-- The Talented Chef Fanghua, 2019.8.24

— The Talented Chef Fanghua, 2019.8.24


We have talented professional dancers and talented international chefs. Particularly Eva taught us some sexy moves and Fanghua roasted the whole lamb.


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-- The Talented Photographers, 2019.8.25

— The Talented Photographers, 2019.8.25


We have many talented photographers, who like being anonymous. They open a window for more talented people to explore a world around us and a world within us.




We are the world. We are the leaders. We know Leadership’s Got Talent. LGT!




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— The 2019 Leadership Outing Poster by Hally Yu

-- Leadership's Acknowledgement of Susan & Eric to Youxiake Travel Agency

— Leadership’s Acknowledgement of Susan & Eric to Youxiake Travel Agency

Note: This article is mainly initiated for the 2019 Shanghai Leadership Outing event.

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