Make “Chinglish” a Poem


Discovered this cute little ladyboy from one of the laundries I have done in my life. I reckon she has the same cuteness as my “Chinglish”.

Chinglish, Chinglish…

Rock, Rock, Rock  …

My writing style…

You are so “Cute”, aren’t you?

Each language got beautiful side.

And I love to make  you Biutiful…

You may get Public Enemies… 

But nothing can stop being yourself.

You are not formal language.

But  U  are the best way to express yourself.

You are your own language, I love you.

I believe You Are Not Alone.

British English could be your GrandPa;

American & Canadian English could be your parents;

Australian English could be your old bro or sis.

See?  You are Little Princess.

Trust me. I will make you Queen when you meet the right Prince.

And build up your own family & have children’s children

to carry on your family name–Chin (ese). 

As long as Chinese & English survive, you will survive.

God bless you, A’men.

PS: Originally –

Be Empty


Spiritually, too full.

Full of too many feelings, thoughts and imaginations.

Meanwhile, there is fear.

Fear of mankind, of the unknown world.

Life is a solid wall.

Sometimes, you have to break it, ruin it;

Sometimes, you have to climb up and stride over it;

Sometimes, you have to make a hole, a window of it;

Sometimes, or maybe sometimes,

You just have to let go, be empty.

Empty, empty, empty.

From head to toe, from one pocket to another.

Till you can embrace it, as to embrace the darkness.

Maybe Lao Tzu was right. –

To become learned, each day add something.

To become enlightened, each day drop something.

So, time to drop, time to enlighten.

Meanwhile, to become learned.

Learn through traveling, traveling all alone.

Through the shadow of a solitary beauty;

Through what you really see.

So, let the journey begin.

From south to north, from one place to another.

Sometimes, fly up in the air;

Sometimes, pass some bends;

Sometimes, stay still.

All full of joy, surprise and adventure.

So what? So what?

Drop, drop, drop;

Add, add, add;

Drop, drop, drop.

To become wildly naked.

Yet, holy blessed.


Before writing the second novel, I’m going to throw myself into the crowds, to empty myself with madness, to sketch, to experience something new and afterwards, to survive from zero.

Therefore, on 27th, I’ll travel alone to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuzhen and Hangzhou. For Beijing, I’m going to face the fear and power. For Shanghai, I’m going to get lost into material world. For Suzhou, I’m going to feel the classical form of beauty. For Nanjing, I’m going to try to understand thoroughly about war and hatred. For Wuzhen, I’m going to explore the possibilities of recovering one’s original simplicity. For Hangzhou, I’m going to feel like a nun, imagining to drown in the West Lake.

Then, I shall doom myself again for In Between.

Beauty of Mystery



Under the water, the color is simply gray.

You might imagine some angels making love with some demons.

Yet the angels merely sing: C’est La Vie…

Above the water, a whirlpool is drumming.

Soon the red leaf breaks the crystals.

And the green awakes from his nightmare…


By Heather Cai

If the cactus is in period, the thorns only get harder and sharper.

It’s like a day of period with no blood.

A stranger you happened to know,

appeared as a pair of ears behind the wall.

You can not see,

while the stranger can hear and see through a hole,

that formed by a gap between you and the stranger.

The inside all peace and clean.

The outside dirty, messy and crazy.

Like the blood on pads stretching on the street.


A Perfect Man

If a man is perfect, what is perfection?

If truth to be told, truth is relative;

If sin is original, sing for this sin;

If blue is the way, choose the way to blue;

If life or love is a bitch, then marry one or both;

If river becomes a memory, follow the river man;

If dreams are broken, keep day dreaming;

If already too much history, invent a new one;

If falling in love again, tell that Men are Dogs;

If marriage is a joke, bad joke, fuck it and say:

“I can live without you, I cannot live without myself.”

Eggs In Love

When one egg falls in love with another, they don’t talk but just kiss and kiss till they are eaten.


black-and-white butterfly

You told, don’t exaggerate.

I said, I did see a black-and-white butterfly.

You confused, that I was exaggerating.

I  smiled, pointing at my left toe.

You surprised, oh the butterfly was…

I laughed out, now you gonna believe in me, babe?

You grinned, baby f*ck the exaggeration!

I joked, don’t get yourself exaggerated.

You joked back, why?

I looked into the eyes, deeply.

A voice followed my heart,

I love you original.